We´re here in Bogota (COL) latin america doing some promo, visting family & doing a bit of sight seeing & documenting what life is like here on a street level & on as many other levels as possible!

Bogota, Colombia is the capital city, this is also where I was born!It’s a diverse city, it’s the largest city in Colombia, and one of the biggest in Latin America. It’s among the 25 largest cities of the world & is the second-highest capital city in South America!  It’s a global city made up of close to 8,000,000 ppl!

Colonized by the Spanish, originally inhabited by the indigenous people of Colombia, there is a dominate mix of European (via Spain), Indigenous & African people.

Lots of parks, shopping malls, street merchants & anything else you might find in a large city.

People here love salsa, reggaeton, rap, ballenato, rock & electronic music is making it’s self a force to be reckoned with here.


Estamos aqui en Colombia! vistitando familia, haciendo un poco de promocion, tomando fotos/videos y documentando la vida, la musica y el arte de aqui!

Bogota es el capital, y tambien donde nacie! Es una cuidad diversa y la mas grande en Colombia tambien una de las mas grandes en America Latina. Es una de las cuidades mas grandes en el mundo (entre los 25 mas) y la segunda en America Latina. Es una cuidad internacional echa de 8 millones de habitantes.

Colonizada por los Españoles, pero originalmente inhabitada con los indignos de Colombia, hay una mezcla de gente Europea (España) Indigenes y Africanos.

Aqui se encuentran muchos parques, centros comerciales y vendedores y lo que uno imagina en una cuidad grande.

Se escucha mucha salsa, reggeaton, rap, ballenato, rock y musica electronica.


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