back in Latin America, this time we’re in Cartagena (COL) checking out all the sights & sounds here absorbing as much of the culture as possible. Expanding the brand & living it up as much as possible. It’s a mix of caribbean/african, european & indigenous culture here so there’s lots to take in. Lots of history, beaches, islands, plazas & nightlife make up this city. This city was one of the first sanctuaries of freed African slaves in the Americas!


Aqui en Cartagena (COL) absorbando la experiencia “tropical” en la costa del caribe. Aqui hay muchos ritmos exoticos y tambien mucho de ver. Una mezcla de culturas africanas/caribes/latinos y europeos. Tanto de ver y conoser hace mucho tiempo que no paso por aqui! Depronto me quedo :p

Caribbean Coast (CARTAGENA)B_xn7irWwAAiUI8


IMG_5562 IMG_6281

IMG_3556 IMG_4161


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